Ground is a blend of dark patchouli, amyris bark, lavender, and frankincense essential oils to ground energy and reduce anxiety. The deep, woody fragrance of this aromatherapy blend will put you at ease and bring you back to earth.

Teehaus Essential Oil Blends help you keep your favorite essential oils on hand for daily use. Our five signature blends combine the best quality pure essential oils in a coconut oil base for skin-safe use. Glass roller allows application of essential oils to pulse points and temples. Fractionated coconut oil base is all natural, great for skin, and leaves no oily residue.

We use essential oils every day and have many years of experience in blending these powerful oils in combinations that are useful and safe. Our essential oil blends contain pure essential oils at the maximum skin-safe usage levels, which are relatively low for some oils. Periodic re-application is recommended.

You will receive one .3 oz essential oil blend in a recyclable glass roller bottle with our colorful Teehaus label.

For our full set of five aromatherapy essential oil blends for a range of uses, see our listing here.

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