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Using Natural Colors in Soapmaking

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When I began making soap, I made the decision to use only natural, earth derived, and minimally processed materials in my soaps.  As a result, my soaps have soft, earthy colors-- you won't see any hot pink swirls or turquoise polka dots here!  I love it this way.  My personal feeling is that handmade soaps made with essential oils and natural colors are a treat for the senses. Handmade soap is an alternative to commercially produced soaps made with artificial colors and scents, so it doesn't make sense to me to use the same materials in my products.

My favorite natural colorants and additives for handmade soaps:
● Silk
● Oatmeal (ground, or collodial)
● Honey
● Mango Pulp
● Coconut Milk
● Pumpkin Puree
● Banana
● Avocado
● Sand
● Poppy Seeds
● Coffee Grounds
● Eggshells

● Kaolin Clay
● Rhassoul Clay
● Deep Sea Mud
● Sea Salt
● Ground Orange/Lemon Peel
● Egg
● Goats Milk
● Beer
● Rose Clay
● Green French Clay
● Sandalwood Powder (use sparingly)
● Red Clay
● Cambrian Blue Clay
● Indigo Powder
● Liquid Chloryphyll
● Green Tea
● Black Coffee
● Cocoa Powder
● Paprika
● Ground Parsley
● Turmeric
● Calendula Blossoms
● Cinnamon (use sparingly)
● Alkanet infused Olive Oil
● Annatto infused Olive Oil
● Comfrey infused Olive Oil
● Activated Charcoal

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